Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back to T.O.

So im finally back from LA. I found a great apartment walking distance to FIDM. My my friend who is living with me and I both really love it. The complex has two pools, tennis courts, amazing gym, tanning salon and really cute courtyards. If you are thinking of moving or just want to look it up, its called the Medici and you should really take a look. Anyways I actually came back late Saturday night, but spent all Sunday and yesterday getting back into the swing of things. I unpacked and got really organized before getting back to school. I only have three weeks left and I am so excited to finally be finished school. Yes, that means that I will have more than five months before I start school in LA. I wasn't planning on getting a job, and for the first time ever my parents are on board with that. I just plan on taking it easy, spending some time at my cottage, getting into shape, and plan my drive across the country with my dad in September. For the first time in probably four years I will actual have a summer to myself. Last summer I have school for the entire summer, the summer before that I worked full-time for my dads infrastructure company, the summer before that I worked full-time for an insurance company, and the summer before that I was a babysitter for my aunt. What i'm getting at is that I am so looking for to not having an real schedule for five months, but I am also fortunate enough for not only my parents allowing me to do this, but that they can afford for me to do this. I am also in the process of finding furniture for my apartment, I want a mix between Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Pottery Barn Teen. If anyone has any suggestions for furniture stores either in Toronto, LA or even one that you can purpose online please let me know. I hope everyone had a great weekend.
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