Sunday, March 25, 2012


I am finally finished school. After 18 months, a year and a half I am finally finished. Not finished for good, but for now.For the next five and a half months I am taking it easy, going to my cottage, and getting some much needed sleep. 

I officially finished on Thursday, and so to celebrate with my family (mom, step dad, brother, sister, and grandparents) we went out to dinner. We went to this relatively new restaurant 7, it is located downtown Oakville. It has been open for about 2 months, and I think I have been at least six times, its just that good. The food is rustic italian, so they have amazing pizzas, homemade pastas, some seafood. And they also change their menu about every three days to reflect what is fresh, and in season. Now every other time I have gone to 7, the food was really good, but there was something about this time that make it spectacular. Maybe it was what I had or i'm not sure. Anyways here's what I had: for a primi(appetizer) I had a dandelion salad with blood orange slices, walnuts, pistachio, and radico, now doens't that sound amazing. And for my secondi (entree) I have squab, which if you don't know it a bird, its actually a pigeon. And tastes like a combination of lamb and chicken, its delicious. And it was served with a side of butter gnocchi and swiss chard. I could just go on about how delicious this meal was. But anyways if you are in the surronding Oakville area go to this restaurant, it is located downtown Oakville in the town square, where the ice cream parlor used to be. Anyways that's all for now.
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