Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rainy Tuesday

Today, is quite a boring day - I have school early in the morning which I also dread. And when I say early I mean 8am which doesn't seem that early but because I live so far away from my school I have to get up two and a half hours before class starts. But enough about that, I just have to suffer through the next month and then I will never have an 8 o'clock class again, well at least until October. Then main reason for todays story is to share one of my most recent loves, no it isn't a Chanel purse, or Louis Vuitton luggage. It's my new kitty, she is small and grey with goldy-green eyes. I found her on the side of the road one day in the middle of a busy intersection, and her name is Amelia. My mom named her, after Amelia Earhart because they were both adventurers. Her full name is Amelia Pickle Shales, her middle name is pickle because we have two other cats (Atticus (named after Atticus Finch ins To Kill A Mockingbird) and Atlas (named after Atlas who held the world on his shoulders) and she is constantly picking on them, but I think it is just her way of saying that she wants to play. And if you think that all of our cat names starting with the letter "A" happens to be a coincidence, then you are very mistaken. My mom is obsessed with the letter "A" and all names starting with the letter "A". My name (Arabella), my brothers (Aidan), my sisters (Ainsley), our cats (Atticus, Atlas, and Amelia) all have names that start with the letter "A". We even live on a street thats name starts with the letter "A". But anyways back to my kitten, she is my seventh cat that I have had in my life and many of my family members and friends have cats, so I consider myself somewhat of a cat expert. And never have I ever seen a cat sit the way Amelia sits. (see below)

Dont you find it bizarre, she sits like she's a little person, which I think cats are. But anyways that's my new kitty, I will also be posting pictures of my other cats Atticus (I call her Atty) and Atlas(I call him kitten, yes it can be confusing sometimes). I hope everyone had a great weekend.
C for P

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