Friday, February 17, 2012

Day Two

Day two and already obsessed about blogging, as I knew I would be. But I did think it would take more than a day. Anyways, today I have the day off, I don't have school and currently I don't have a job so I am taking the day to get organized. Recently, I turned my dresser also into my makeup table, just because I was getting tired of getting ready in my bathroom. And the space needed something to make it look complete, and I think it ended up looking great.

I also display all my jewellery on my dresser.I love the look of antique or vintage candy jars, which are actually very difficult to find. So right now I store all my long necklaces in a scotch decanter with a stencilled "A" on which I think makes it a little more personnel. And as for my bangles, I keep them in the above seen mirrored apothecary jar. I also have a rather large collection of headbands so I took my basic dance form and turned it into the place where I store all of my headbands. I love headbands and wear them on all occasions, therefore I have quite a few and no place to keep them. So I took this non-confentional storage space and utilized it. I am very pleased on the outcome and think that this is the perfect makeup and jewellery solution until I am able to buy an actual makeup. But thats all for now.
C for P

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